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Top 5 Social Media Marketing Career Opportunities

With the widespread usage of social media on various platforms and more and more companies indulging itself to brands their companies on this platform, social media marketing has become the buzz in the industry over the past few years. Many of the companies even believe that without social media, it would have been difficult to drive sales, which is absolutely true.


Social media marketing is just an element of the social media industry but an important and influencing part without which the companies may not be able to survive in the hardcore competition.


With social media marketing becoming the huge and integral part of every business, the career opportunities in this field are enormous. Let us have a look through the top 5 social media marketing jobs that are highly in demand, in the social media industry.


Social Media Marketing Manager

As a social media marketing manager, you’ll be responsible for communicating the clients and customers of the organisation via social media websites. This would your kind of job if you have a passion for working with social media and finding innovative ways to connect with clients. Great communication skills along with creative writing ability are must as you’ll have to do a lot of interaction every day to stir engagement with people online as well as in person. Experience in related fields like marketing, public relations and advertising would be a plus point to enter in this field. Social Media Marketing Manager is one job where you need to have a varied skill set ranging from strategizing, marketing to even writing blogs for the company.


Social Media Marketing Executive

An SMM Executive has an active involvement on social media’s like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to create and maintain the companies profile online. He is responsible for structuring a social media foot print, monitoring and creating an air about the company to developing online media campaigns. An SMM executive needs to plan strategies for the company’s visibility on various social media platforms. His task requires a lot of patience and hard work constantly for improving strategies and implanting what is best for the company.


Social Media Marketing Copywriter

The job of an SMM copywriter is to write content for the purpose of social media marketing. Writing creative, informative and catchy content for the company helps to create buzz about the company. An SMM copywriter is responsible for creating eye catching ads and phrases that will help to create awareness about the company.


Social Media Marketing Co-ordinator

As an SMM Co-ordinator you will have to manage the marketing and social media on regular basis. Your responsibilities would include structuring social media strategies, promoting and creating awareness about the company’s brand, starting marketing campaigns to enhance the number of clients and so on. You would also be working in coordination with branch sales in order to monitor and execute the sales plan as well as keeping yourself updated with the status of clients is also a part of your job as a coordinator.


Social Media Marketing Associate

As social media marketing associate you should be able to bring in new opportunities that will help the company to open avenues and revenues. As an SMM associate your duties and responsibilities will include scheduling workshops, meeting and webinars for marketing the company on social media platforms as well as executing marketing campaigns on various social media and reporting the management.

The social media marketing industry offers you a wide scope for your future and is blazing with various job opportunities. All you need to do is go out and experiment yourself and choose what is perfect for you.

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