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Snickers “Hungerithm” teams with 7/11 stores to base prices on Internet’s mood


Mars teamed up with 7/11 stores in Australia for an interactive in-store campaign which saw the prices of the brand’s flagship lower when the internet got angry. “Hungerithm” algorithm tracked the mood of the online commentators and changed the price of Snickers accordingly.



Snicker’s Australia wanted to build on its wider, ‘You’re Not You When You’re Hungry’ campaign with an eye catching in-store and digital campaign. It came up with “Hungerithm”, a campaign that determined the mood of the Internet and adjusted the price of its candy bars in 7-Eleven stores accordingly, in real time.



Feeding on the rage of Twitter users, the confectionery maker teamed up with the Melbourne Institute of Technology to create the ‘Hungerithm’ algorithm; which tracked the mood of online commentators and changed the price of a Snicker accordingly. The Hungerithm was built on a 3,000-word lexicon and analysed 14,000 social posts every day. It even understood sarcasm and slang. Monitoring negative sentiment on Twitter, the website scanned 100,000 social posts a week and updated the price 144 times daily. The grumpier the internet became, the cheaper a Snicker was at any Australian 7/11 store. The cost slashed by as much as 80%.



The campaign saw a massive 1740% increase in social traffic for the brand, along with a 67% increase in sales over the period that the campaign was running. It also won a cyber lion award at the 2017 Cannes Lions festival.”We’re hoping this shows consumers that Snickers is on their side during trying times, and we plan to satisfy even more hungry consumers by rolling the Hungerithm out globally in 2017,” says Renee Lexington, Snickers marketing manager at Mars Australia.


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