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Pedigree teams with Google to launch an app for lost dogs


Pedigree Found is a real time dog found app, designed by the dog food manufacturer as a useful service for its market target. It helps dog owners found their dogs if in case it goes missing by sending a free alert to the people in that area using Google’s ad work, so that they can keep an eye out for your dog.


The app was first launched in New Zealand, where it allowed dog owners to pre-register their dogs. Lost dog owner could then send out real time, geo-targeted message to people in vicinity. ‘Lost dog’ advertisement would then instantly serve across the Google Display Network within a 1.5 mile radius of the owner. A push notification was as well sent via the app to other owners have who signed up.



Pedigree Chum wanted to find a way to create a useful service for its target audience, and identified an opportunity to provide protection for the pets people love.


Every dog owner fears their dog running off and getting lost. That’s a permanent concern of all the dog owners. In the pre-digital era, this was tackled through photocopied posters, stuck on local lampposts and trees – in what was often an act of desperation.



Finding a digital solution to help dog owners has added to the support, and creates an approach that could scale across countries. The technology of the app proved to be simple, and the execution included developing a mechanism to alert local neighbours.


  •  The app reaches out to local dog owners, and a community of like-minded individuals.
  •   It enables the brand to earn massive equity by satisfying a wider consumer need.
  •  It as well worked as a perfect illustration of brand as a service.



Within 3 months 10% of the dog owners had downloaded the app and almost 91% of them had already registered their dogs.


Auckland Council is now using Pedigree Found across their entire management network and was offered as part of official new dog registrations in the country.

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