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4 foolproof steps to create SEO optimized content

Content, of course drives traffic to your website. But how much traffic you attract depends on one simple question, “Are you giving away the right content?” If you have been in the dark with regard to the importance of content to your social media strategy, let this blog ring alarm bells and get you closer to light.


The best SEO Company in Mumbai believes that content is that vital component of your online marketing framework that helps convert consumers to customers. And to help you achieve this goal, we give you 4 foolproof steps to create SEO optimized content.


Step 1: Lay a strong foundation


At the heart of creating meaningful content is to penetrate into the users’ psyche and know what they are looking for. What’s the point in stuffing your website with posts and blogs that do not appeal to your readers in any way? Know what the audience is searching for and link that information with your content. Make use of Google’s Keyword Planner to know what the current marketing buzz is about.


Step 2: Keep it clear, concise and user-friendly


When you provide your users with the kind of content they expect, chances are that they may share your content with their followers and in the process you’ll get more customers. Therefore keep the content crisp, short, user-friendly, free of any technical jargon. Stay away from verbiage and let the text be scan-able. Address questions and queries by invoking emotions into your content.


Step 3: Verify your sources to ensure reliability

If you want your followers to look up to you as a leading opinion maker, you need to ensure that your content is dependable and free of any scandalous facts. A great way to do this is to identify the authoritative sources and incorporate those links into your content. In fact this is the fundamental principle followed by the reputed firms engaged in SEO services in Mumbai. Practicing this ensures that you are giving away high-profile, reliable and honest content to your users.


Step 4: Be technically sound and swift

This is somewhat more complex and needs expertise to master the skill. If there are images, gifs, info graphics on your webpage, make it a priority that they load quickly to retain the audience. Secondly look into the functioning of your website on the mobile and fix the bugs, if any. Coming to the URL, keep it brief, approximately 59 characters in length is the average for top ranking sites.


Needless to stress on the importance of time, effort and money invested on your business, it is better to think and act like a customer rather than being showy and giving out information that you think is important. Don’t you think we should all step into the shoes of a customer and adopt their mentality?

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