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Case Study – Corporate Training @ Hexaware



Client: Hexaware Technologies Limited
Topic: Content Writing
Duration: 2 Days
Venue: Hexaware Office, Chennai



The team at Hexaware were a diverse mix of professionals. While most had an engineering degree there were some with liberal arts backgrounds. Most of the trainees had extensive experience in the IT industry working on highly specific and technical domains.



While it would be easy to assume that such a bright set of individuals would be easy to train, the reality was not so. Because of their experience and exposure to the intricacies of the IT industry, in many ways they had developed blinders. Moreover, they were also relatively inexperienced when it came to mass communication, as well as communication in general, given their limited need to interact with individuals and groups outside of their domain. While most of the trainees had a desire to become creative writers all of them lacked the exposure.



The first thing that was needed was a checklist approach. The workshop was designed to give each trainee a checklist at the end, which they can use for developing any kind of communication. Moreover, there was added emphasis on linguistics and communication as well as the nature of the human mind. By understanding and grasping these factors, the trainees began to recognize the structure and essence of writing and storytelling. Apart from this, we also detailed out the various nuances of different writing formats and media. The goal was to develop a very structured approach to writing that could be replicated by anybody, anytime and for any project.



The result was obvious. Each attendee walked away with a checklist that was practical and easy to apply, every day. They also understood what goes into making a good piece of communication. By using live projects we practiced every part of the training program and saw for ourselves the difference the workshop made and will make in the future.

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