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Don’t plan for a job. Plan for your retirement fantasies to come true



All work and no play might have made Jack financially independent. But it also made him the dull boy. As it so often happens, when you indulge in mind-numbing labor, it shuts down all the telephone lines to those unfrequented places like imagination, creativity, rediscovery, and innovation.


So don’t plan for a job, and by this I mean, don’t plan the many ways in which your service years can rob you of your soul. Instead, plan to live life in a way where money doesn’t get it in the way of fulfilling all your fantasies.


A lot of has been done between piling up certifications and planning out the perfect how-to-get-a-job strategy. Let’s just give you a small break from all that career stalking. How about we just fast forward a few years and land straight to retirement? Slowly join your eyelids together, put on your contemplation cap and keep up!


Are you there yet? Can you see your 60-year-old avatar clearly? Yes, that guy with a head full of gray hair, leaning slightly on the walking stick with grandkids flocking around like a herd of benevolent sheep. That is probably you.


Where do you see this guy going? Follow him into the woods to the hills that follow next. Probably he’s out there to explore the marvels of nature and live out his days in quiet isolation. Or maybe he’s, after all, going to glumly settle for a routine family life waiting for his monthly pension to arrive? Does he drive the same car that he grew old in or a new red Ferrari?


Maybe you see him gladly stepping into character to play the adorable grandpa reading Aesop’s fables to his ardent, avid listeners. Or now that his drudgery days are done with, you see him flying around the world collecting souvenirs, coming back home once in a while to share his tales.


Now that you have carefully traced out the road map to your retirement fantasies, you may open your eyes. But before you do so, just hang on a second. Once your feet kick on the reality, you will have a decisive choice to make.


You will now have to trace your steps back to the future, to the job, the career that will make your retirement fantasies come true. Well dreams are but dreams and reality is reality; ambition and hard work connect the dots between the two. And if you happen to be standing on the career crossroads let Digital Marketing be the turning point for you. With that you will have only good times to look back to and more resources to fan your fantasies with than you can imagine.


Well, well. Now that you have all your perspectives in place, start early. Chase your dreams with all the passion you can muster. Your career will invariably fall into place.

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