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A Career in Digital Marketing Can Be Nourishing for Your Ego


Choosing a career is just as important a decision as choosing a spouse. Now imagine having a spouse who is head-over-heels for you, finds you obnoxiously prepossessing, pays attention to all your needs, is grateful for your time, compensates you adequately for it and would fight (to death) to keep you pinned.

Your career in Digital Marketing can get just as flattering, and what human being is impervious to such benevolent flattery? Read on to find more about the perks of pursuing such a career.


You are passionately coveted.

Digital marketing jobs are lucidly flexing the curves on the demand-supply graph, where demand grossly exceeds supply. This industry is expected to generate 1.5 lakh jobs by 2016 alone. So if you are considering a career in Digital Marketing, beware! You are gearing up to be pelted down with job offers from potential employers (probably even in your sleep).


You are ‘paid’ your keep.

When employed in a productive industry with a serious dearth of talent, you can think of yourself as a commodity. With demand exceeding supply, the value of the commodity shoots up with price. A Digital Marketer commands one of the highest pay scales in the industry.


You’re granted your liberty.

Creativity is to digital marketing what a payment gateway is to an e-commerce website. It is too dynamic a field to play by any rigid set of rules, and spontaneous creativity is crazed after. Alas! If you value monotony, digital marketing is not the career option for you.


Your future is secured as a safe lock.

Digital Marketing is a powerful voodoo word that opens up clogged passages to the future.  This is where the prospect of marketing lies. It is much more precise, effective and affordable than the traditional approach. Digital Marketing is vital to all businesses and all industries need it. In digital marketing, your job security is as tight as it gets.


Your chances are only as limited as you are

Digital marketing may be the best thing for you if you feel your choice of subjects limits your chances of having a ravishing career.  Since it’s no rocket science, one doesn’t need to be the next Einstein to pursue it.  There’s nothing to the basics that you can’t learn at a workshop or two. For the rest, you’ll simply have to get your feet dirty in the field.


You get to hold the reins.

And right from the beginning that too.  In Digital Marketing you can put things in perspective even before you set foot in your first ever workplace! It’s as convenient as starting your own blog, rounding up your Twitter followers, enhancing your image on Facebook and participating in relevant online discussions to gain points with your potential employers.


You can have your own start-up.

Does owning a start-up make the punch line of your career goal? Then, you are on the right track. A certification course from a Digital Marketing institute coupled a few years of hands-on experience in the field can lead you to your own start-up faster than you think.


To sum it up, a career in this field is imbued with scope for expansion, a plethora of opportunities, good money, a forward momentum and brilliant prospect. So, exactly what else do you look for while considering a career option?


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